FirstBorn Community Church - 2013  Year of the Blessing!
Vision Statement:
The purpose of FirstBorn Ministries is primarily to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world, making disciples of all men teaching them all things. (Matthews 28:18-20). Secondly, FirstBorn Ministries' purpose is to establish unity in the body of Christ throughout the world, crossing over all denominational, racial, and cultural boundaries. FirstBorn Ministries is designed around meeting the peoples needs Spirit, Soul, and Body.
FirstBorn Ministries is not designed to attract just this generation but the generations to come.  The churches of the future will be established and lead by the next generations, that is why we must establish a method by which we put the church into the hands of the younger generation. We will establish,” Passing The Torch Youth Ministry”. This Ministry will be dedicated to reach the younger generations and will be the platform from which new FirstBorn Churches will be established.
FirstBorn Ministries’ concept is bringing the people of God out of poverty by teaching them how to establish businesses and training them for today’s job opportunities. New Directions Ministries will be designed to empower God’s people to prosper in the new social and economical markets of today’s society.
Mission Statement:
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